How Nikola Tesla Popped My Cherry
2011 TV-MA 11min

January, 2007, it says. I remember it well. Not as well as I used to.
Fortunately, I have some photos, which help a lot...
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Early setup in progress

Bob Munns' agent, whose name
I have forgotten, if I ever knew it

One of the "H.S. Girls" or maybe
the central one, and a crew member

Another girl, one of several
who found the boy irresistable
after his Tesla treatment

Yes, there is considerable hardware involved

More hardware

My friend since 1956, Bob Munns,

An adult victim of the Tesla Effect,
had a very active role

These dedicated technicians are setting up the
Tesla flashes that lend drama to the Effect
(and my scene; next slides, please)

Acting my heart out in my final
appearance on the big screen

The director asked if that was as fast as I could go. Yes, going fast as I can, boss.

Sandra Marshall

Lunch was substantial and important

Another girl

Her closeup

Paul Peglar "Nimitz", beneficiary of all this action, with a crew member

A girl and her lunch

Paul Peglar, principal character #1,
solo shot, with lunch

Crew member in busy shot

Hope Shapiro, principal character #5,
"Mrs Modrigle"
According to IMdB she seems to have been
the most frequently employed of all the performers

Director Sean—or Shane—McAllen

Sandra Marshall, #4 principal

Gma and Gpa

Busy Lunch shot

More lunching

This lady was pretty much in charge of seeing that the production kept rolling
I'm not certain, but I'd have to guess she is Jeanine Rohn, "On Set Coord"

"Nimitz" would have just come over the fence, pursued
by the Girls. I do not remember what was
the missile connection, if any. But there it was

"Looks good to me"

Weirdness everywhere you looked

"What's my motivation?"

Mr Munns, "Grandpa" in his military getup,
explaining to some degree the kid's name

Someone in the neighborhood took
notice of the proceedings

Appreciated attention

Accepting—and giving—direction is not always pleasant

Serious action took place in the alley, the Girls
chasing "Nimitz" home. Note his dishevelment at their hands.
I don't think those guys up against the wall
are being patted down

Supper at Gpa's house, not that formal

Photographer Brad Rushing (?) and
Director Sean/Shane McAllen
are sensing something good

It all takes some intense arranging
to get it right

Will young "Nimitz" be able to
understand old Gpa's assertions?

Almost ready to roll

Technician awaiting his cue. Much of those paraphernalia were already in the garage of the rented Ladera Heights house. During the late 1950s, while I was in the U.S. Air Force, and my Dad was still a high-level administrator at USC, the family had a home in View Park, a northeastern neighbor of Ladera Heights, and just up the street from the USC campus. That Monteith Drive house had two distinctions, according to the agents who sold it to them: living-room indirect lighting was designed (or influenced) by Frank Lloyd Wright; Harry Bellafonte owned the house across the street. Several photos of the residence have been lost, strayed, or stolen, but I have recovered one, a view of the back of the house, featuring a "sun porch", from the bottom of an extensive sloping garden. Can now add a view of the front aspect, complete with the 1953 Ford Sunliner convertible, contributor to many entertaining hours, 1960 - 1963.

There were several exchanges between
Gpa and Gma that took place in the kitchen.
More arranging

"Yeah, I can do that. Should I?"

Is this the real Paul Peglar?

"See, I told you it would work"

The idea is, you should look remarkable, not bland.
You're getting there

Bob is in the kitchen, but we can still see
what he's up to

Day's work done

And we enjoyed it. Right?

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