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GIF: scan of  Riverside International Raceway aka Riverside Raceway jacket patch        
Link to Phil Binks' and Curt's RIR photos on FotoTime:
60s and 70s Vintage and Can-Am pictures
Experts have identified the Can-Am cars
See them at
and see
Curt Anderson's RIR Vintage Racers Photos

Roy McClenahan's Photos
Early 1970s RIR


First of Many
Riverside International Raceway
Pictures Pages
These are the diagrams and Overviews of
Historic "Riverside Raceway" or "RIR"

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RIR Pics 1b more Diagrams and Overviews
RIR Pics 2 Page begins with Start-Finish
RIR Pics 3 Page begins after Turn Two
RIR Pics 3b Page begins at Turn Six
RIR Pics 4 Page begins with Turn Seven
RIR Pics 5 Page begins at Turn Eight
RIR Pics 6 Page Grand Prix Legends simulator frames
RIR Pics 7 Page is from a 1957 Sports Illustrated race report
RIR Pics 7b Page 1960 Formula One Grand Prix SI race report
RIR Pics 8 Page et seq. show 8mm film frames of a
                                Riverside long course lap
RIR Pics 9 Page Autoweek's RIR Requiem article


Very nearly every online or printed source (and certainly each oral historian) offers among facts and opinion some less than accurate information about RIR, its physical or historic self, the events conducted there, or the participants who brought it all to life. A possible exception is the Dick Wallen book Riverside Raceway: Palace Of Speed.

I'd guess it'll never get sorted out. It's all valuable and valued, and I want to know about it. It may help those less fortunates—who have only heard of good old RIR—in their knowing of and about it, in living it as much as possible in the real or imagined, accurate or distorted way others did.

As I did.   That's my motive for all this bother.   All this fun.   All this Play.   If you missed it, maybe you should start by absorbing some of the nitty-gritty action implicit in a photo and first paragraph on the Flagging Turn 7 page. You can come back here easily enough.

NOTE: A click on any of these images will reveal a larger version.

  Road map of the RIR Click to see map sections and March AFB area

JPG: Large-area map of RIR and vicinity

JPG: center section, RIR area map

Thumbnail: CLICK for a much larger version

Click the picture to be transported to January, 1958.

JPG: new RIR map with elevations

The elevations appear in boxes. They are in feet, but I don't know if they refer to elevation at the track surface near the box, or at the location of the box.

Turn 2 — 1575'     Turn 4-5 — 1600'      Turn 6 — 1650'      

Turn 7 — 1580'      Turn 8 — 1645'      Turn 9 — 1560'        


Tami's 50K     Thumbnail: Tami Bennett's overlay of an RIR  diagram of the way it was on the  satellite photo showing how it is . . .                Thumbnail: annotated overkay; CLICK to access Big one with hot-spot links to contemporary  photos    My 158K  

This will end the suspense: Riverside International Raceway is gone, gone, gone. You can see where it was in relation to the stunted commercial and residential developments now infesting the old racing-ground.

Left overlay by Tami Bennett. Right, by Your OBedient Servant.

See the Bennetts' Swede Savage site:

Button transports you to the Bennetts' Swede Savage Tribute Site

See a 1970 picture of Swede Savage
in the AAR Barracuda
at Riverside

Autoweek's take on the closing of RIR, July, 1988
( RIR Pics -9- )

Some drive-by shots of Raceway facilities
during RIR's dismantling are on
"RIR Pics 9a" Page

Wolfgang Klopfer has written to ask if anyone has photos of the Continental/Formula 5000 races at RIR (1969-1976). You can see the program covers and results sheets he so kindly loaned, at

Riverside International Raceway

There are a couple of F-5000 items with pictures accessible from the Covers 3 page. 1975's Inaugural Long Beach Grand Prix was an F-5000 event.

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What about East Coast Racing, 1958-1962+?
Try the BARCBOYS pages—a treat and delight

Visit Nick England's Excellent
history pages

Visit Ross Fosbender's
tribute pages.

Visit Henry Jones'
tribute pages.

RIR Monument Project Underway !
Click the text for particulars
and an artist's view of
the Monument in its Setting

New Close-To-The-Ground RIR Experiences
from David Rothenberger

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