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The Pits 5: More Photos
from here and there
around the raceways
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"On The Beach" Crash Scenes In Photographs
Mostly around the Esses and Turn Nine at Riverside, I think
The movie was made in 1959



Click a photo to see a larger version  (760 x ???, ~60K)


The pages of text explain it well. Click a page to see the text in a legible size.

I have a copy of the Road & Track issue with a short feature story on the making of racing scenes from "On The Beach" and I'll scan and post it. When I find it.

Road & Track   September 1959

Voilà. I found it. That was easier than I had expected. Once again, the text tells the story very well. And it clears up the " . . . Ferrari speeds by . . . " anomaly.

Click the thumbnail to see the legible page. Click a picture to see a larger version.

Excellent site with much more On The Beach information:

See a little "Pits" activity at Riverside and Las Vegas

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