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Don's photos  -4-

More work of the late 50s and early 60s
Scans from his hand-made 5x7 enlargements
(never found the negatives)

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Thumbnail: Your OBedient Servant as guitar novice.

At the Reynosos' Torrance home while my MG TD was in their garage for its semi-blueprint engine rebuild. It was during this period Miguel Angel "Mike" Reynoso told me I'd have to make a choice: "You can't have both guitarist and mechanic hands." He was wrong. No choice required, just inattention. I am barely competent to either play or wrench, and my hands aren't remarkable one way or the other, even though at numerous junctures I did simultaneously have serious dings on my knuckles and calluses on my finger tips.

Thumbnail: Mike Reynoso and a work-light very intent and intense

Here's Mike Reynoso leaning over some serious MG project. We did my TD, Richard Harry Gatley's TF-1250, and a flathead Dodge for one of Mike's friends or relatives..

Thumbnail: a cigarette break in the garage

Your OBedient Servant watching a real mechanic at work. I learned a lot from Mike and Michael Avery Houston, and Richard Harry Gatley, and from Rebecca Reynosos Senior and Junior. Not to mention Eric and Ian Gatley. And from a USC professor of education. One great summer, 1961 (or so).

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