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JPG: RIR Logo jacket patch
Don's RIR photos  -2-
At the 1960 Times Grand Prix event,
a month prior to the F1 race

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     Thumbnail: Maser, Scarab, Maser on R&T cover photo of 1960 Times GP action, Turn 7            Scan: Don's photo from the reverse angle, and asecond later. Big picture, 10?? x 760.

This cover is a great picture for me, and it is "Don's" only because he is in it: I was flagging just out of the frame to the right. The fellow behind the fence, light clothing with the "...eca" of Laguna Seca on his body, is my brother, Don. He took some pictures here and in the esses.

CORRECTIONS: It seems my recollections and conclusions may have been wrong. Eager to connect one thing with another, I took the "eca" guy's very similar appearance and my knowledge that Don was there, then, as sufficient basis to say it was him.

It may be, but there is evidence that would support another thesis. Unless the three racers maintained their positions for more than one lap (unlikely, I believe), the man in light clothing could not have placed a camera to his face and taken a photo in the half-second or so between the cover photo and the reverse photo.

Are the four boundary tires in the color photo the first four in the monochrome, or two, three, four, five? Is there a photographer with camera in shooting position in the color picture? I can't see one yet. I think Don may have been out of the color frame to his left, our right.
Or covered by big text.

And, while I worked at this turn when the flag station was on the grandstand side of the track, I see on this occasion the marshals were on both sides of the racing surface. I think on this race day I was at Turn One. No guarantees. These things have blended together over time.

Ah, well; a link to more of Don's prints: Times GPs 1959, '60.

These are a few of the photos Don made on that day. Those from the Esses at an earlier Times GP are on the previous page.

1. Thumbnail: string of production cars approaches Turn 7      2. Thumbnail: Gurney leads Moss into Turn 7      3. Thumbnail: Jo Bonnier at the end of the wigglies

4. Thumbnail: Carroll Shelby in his last professional ride finishing 7         5. Thumbnail: overview of Turn 7, Gurney, Moss, eventual winner Krause
    1. Second car is Ronnie Bucknum, Austin-Healey. This view shows the dips and elevation changes in the 6-7 straight. Compare this shot with the one on Tam's Old Race Car site, "Memories of Riverside" page, photo #2. Do you think Tam and Don were close that day? Is Tam in Don's cover picture (top of this page) too? Look at my Flagging Turn Seven page. Same day, same turn. Small world, ne?
    2. Moss follows Gurney at the Seven squigglies; three straights in view.
    3. Jo Bonnier at the end of the unruly squigglies; someone was late at the switch.
    4. Carroll Shelby coming down the mountain from early to late Seven.
    5. Overview of Seven as Gurney leads Moss leading Krause and others.

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