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JPG: RIR Logo jacket patch
Don's RIR photos  -1-
At the 1958 (actually October 11, 1959; PROGRAM) Times Grand Prix event,
two years (a year) prior to the F1 race

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Thumbnail: Phil Hill truns in at T2, 1958 Times race

Phil Hill, the eventual winner, setting up for Turn Two. [Will Hoag writes: "Your pictures of Riverside Raceway bring back a lot of memories,but I must point out an error in one of Don's RIR picture captions. Phil Hill did not win the 1958 Times Grand Prix. It was a very hot day (well over 100 and no shade) and the Ferrari vapor-locked and he dropped out. Chuck Daigh won in a Scarab. (Highlight of the day for me was seeing Hill and Daigh exchange the lead TWICE going into, and out of Turn 8)."]

Remember when cars drifted? This view from above the track shows the kind of vantage points not available in more recent years, after the bluffs that declined abruptly to the track edge were reduced to slopes.

Thumbnail: Richie Ginther leads Phil Hill into Turn 2, 1958
Hill chases Richie Ginther, whose effort succumbed to engine maladies (lost oil pressure). Take a look at the terrain outside the turn. Scary?

Thumbnail: Stirling Moss, Aston Martin DBR2, setting up for T2
Stirling Moss, DBR2, near the same tire (!) visible in the photo above. Did I mention the creekbed off the edge of the track?

Henry N. Manney, in a race report from a Riverside event of this era, noted that all views of race cars at RIR are backlighted. See? (I have a personal Henry Manney story, too.)

Don's Pics  -1-   -2-   -3-   -4-   >>>

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