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Photo: Joe Ternes, Mike Reynoso, Mike Houston, Ian Gatley in Tijuana    Thumbnail: Mike and Joe by the fence

Joe "Pepe"Ternes, Mike Reynoso, Mike Houston, Ian Gatley outside that little one-bedroom on Avenida Cinco de Mayo. Ian came to buy a guitar, and the others for lunch. In Tijuana at this time there was a well-known and respected guitar salesman and teacher named "Victor." When people came from all over the world to shop for Mexican guitars, they would ask for him, and he was always able to do right by them. We spent several hours in his shop, trying one guitar after another until there were two, then one. I think Ian was well satisfied by his acquisition.

Once Victor's fame spread, every shop with a dusty guitar in the back room had a sign out front: "Victor inside."

Photo: Ralph and Maria Gamez and YOBS, after I married them

With the hills of Santee in the background, Ralph and Maria Gamez show their pleasure at being recently joined in matrimony by the Reverend Frank of the ULC. Polyester from the skin out. These were the 70s, my friend. The Gamezes are still happy together. Frank has learned to control his beard. A little.

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