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Photo: Geneva  the Younger and friends at Long Beach Grand Prix

Left to right: Catherine Binks; Molly Binks; Geneva; Tom. Or Jim. Oh I don't remember, and Geneva just told me his name today. That short-term memory thing. Click here to see a ten-years-earlier photo with another friend at a different racing venue.

Here's Geneva the Younger, our daughter named Maria (Margarita's mother) Geneva (mine), called Geneva. She and her friends were going to work pre-grid at the Long Beach Grand Prix. You've seen how they do starts at the Formula One races, right? Someone holds out a pole with the driver's name on it, one per driver. When the cars are in position for the start, the poles are withdrawn, when all are in place the starter gives the signal, and the lights blink down to a start. Well, these kids were pole persons.

Photo: Margarita, Geneva, And Sandy. Had to be in 1970 or so

This looks like a birthday celebration, or something. Margarita, Geneva, Aunt Sandy, backed up by Phil Binks' Voladores photo and the Dokorder that was part of the MG-for-stereo swap.

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