Thumbnail: Healey 3000 and Morris 1000

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Personal transport in the motion culture

Cars 1964 - 1973

1971 - 1973
Thumbnail: YOBS and the Vega Wagon at Riverside

Thumbnail: Vega Coupe at RIR Turn 7
Thumbnail: the wagon and the coupe, from a fading polaroid

  • Order 1971 Chevrolet Vega Kammback Wagon
  • Drive a $65 1956 Buick Special for six weeks
  • Spend just enough time and money to make Vega race ready
  • Startle and amaze slalom and Solo One participants throughout Southern California
  • Buy a 1972 Vega GT Coupe
  • Tow it to a few events with the Kammback

1966 - 1970
Thumbnail: Margarita and the '66 Barracuda
Thumbnail: '67 MG BGT at a Mission Valley slalom
Clickable Thumbnail: two MGBs from a fading Polaroid
Thumbnail: Geneva on School Day #1; Dart at right
Thumbnail: Lotus Elan at Holtville

1964 - 1966

Thumbnail: Geneva and Morris Woodie

  • Purchase 1959 Austin Healey bugeye Sprite
  • Trade Sprite on 1960 Morris Traveller woody wagon. I eventually put a Judson supercharger on this fine little car. After I sold it, someone stole it off the lot, and the Highway Patrol from Victorville called and told me to come get it. It was abandoned when it froze up. Probably the supercharger bearings burned out. You had to refill a reservoir with Marvel Mystery Oil™ every 300 miles or so.
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