Third Model Cabinet
with MGBs
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Plenty MGBs, eh? The yellow car second from left in the top row is Eagles Race by brand, and a pretty bright yellow. The one I ordered is a Minichamps soft top in hard-to-find Cream. It was delivered in good condition and is center-bottom. One other I "won" on eBay arrived in pieces. The seller had misled me as to his location (Canada, not Washington state) and said he would insure it (not possible internationally) and stonewalled all the normal attempts to resolve the matter. Bad guy packed the model box in a layer of trading cards. No shock-absorption there.

Then there was the Swiss seller whose packing may have been marginal so another cream-colored MGB bit the dust. He refunded 80% of the (pretty big) price. An honorable seller. Any road, I kept my fingers crossed.

One other relatively certain addition
was the Eagles Race red Monte Carlo Rallye MGB, #183, second from right in row three. I think there may eventually be a bronze to add. My "play-worn" MGB GT from Corgi (red with a pale blue interior, no suitcase) is top-center.

Meantime, check out the #37 red LeMans model by Mikansue. It's a little different in its proportions, isn't it?

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