Sixth Model Cabinet
with Cobras, Fords, Mercuries, and Ferraris
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Pretty crowded, intense cabinet.

The top row is one of those that just grew: I had no idea there were so many until a transient impulse and resultant search showed up a shelf-plus of Shelby's pleasure craft and war machines. Odd that I know The Cobras whipped Ferrari's legends for a World Championship and can't say what/which cars they pummeled, nor what was the title they won. Can you?

Next row fulfills my collector's need in a number of ways: the reason for the first one (convertible Ford Indy pace car, Cabinet One) was personal and poignant; the second was a "red" Mercury similar to one that put stars in my eyes at sixteen; the models are above standard in shape and detail for their era; from what I could see out there it would be possible to assemble a "full" set. Today it seems to me I have not seen any color/configuration I don't have at least one of (brown over tan Ford hardtop in Cabinet 4, now on a page here).

Then, there are the Ferraris. A world of its own, their own. Ferrari.

I will extract larger views as I have the opportunity; you can expect to see individual photographs as time and skills allow. My ambition is to make pictures like those 43guy Vern B. uses in many of his eBay auctions, with backgrounds and accessories appropriate to the subjects.

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