Fifth Model Cabinet
with incidental acquisitions

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Can you see what they are? Can you see what a problem it will be to photograph a mirror-backed display case? In order to eliminate a reflection of the camera/photographer I set up off-center and made the box "square" with Photoshop's crop tool. The principal deleterious effect is seen in distortions like the VW van's skewed shape.

Top shelf, back row: a small, old school bus that might be near 1:43, or maybe 1:48; a UPS truck, definitely smaller-scale than 1:43, but certainly brown; a little red (farm) wagon; a Corgi "Forgotten Heroes" WWII-era 6x6 like I drove a few times in the Air Force.

Front row: ditto, a 4x4 Weapons Carrier, like the one that served as a squadron taxi at Little Rock AFB (Way I remember it, you caught the detail of taxi driver for a week, every ninety days or so. I learned to drive it without using the clutch or gear lever, gauging and adjusting engine speed with my left foot and kicking it out of and into gear with the right. One time I was showing this to Jerry Lavelle as we arrived at the chow hall, and the right-foot function was not successful. The engine died when the front wheels came up against the parking curb, and I acted as if that were the way it was planned. "Isn't that convenient...?"); the very, very nice (but too big) built kit model representing the Dart I used to tow the MG Tourer to a number of racing events; an MG Tourer by RAE of Great Britain, tan interior, but otherwise pretty much like the '67 I bought and raced and sold to Dennis Didier. The RAE model is excellent, and expensive, so I haven't had it out of the case, which has a screwed-on lid.

Middle shelf, back row: the roof of a Dinky (?) 1957 Chevrolet San Diego County Sheriff's car in distinctive Sheriff-John green; Gamda Sabra late Corvair coupe in distinctive uglier green; Ford CHP car.

Front row: looking at the Ferraris on the transporter: those are three variations on the early-50s 375 Formula One theme. Blue: Rosier's Alba-winner; red, I've forgotten; white, the Grant Piston Ring Special, an unsuccessful Indianapolis pretender some of whose history you could learn at Tam's Old Race Car Site, under a "Mystery Car" thread; Corgi 318 Lotus Elan S2, a good model in a goofy not-quite-blue, not-quite-green metallic; Corgi 319, Elan S2-like coupe, not as good a model, but it comes apart, if you like; a nice 1:64 car carrier whose manufacturer I have forgotten (Play Art?), loaded with a 1:64 model of the delightful #98 Willard Battery Indy roadster. There are larger versions of this one around, and I'll eventually get one, I hope.

Bottom shelf, back row: rare Castrol give-away Jaguar on a rare 1:43 hauler that was probably intended for a sprinter or other small-oval racer; a double-decker bus with my surname on the other side, here mostly in tribute to the wonderful early-40s rides around Los Angeles in a similar vehicle; that twisted VW bus replaced by the van in Cabinet One; the very small scale '49 Buick with opening hood, also displaced from CabOne; cheap diorama of a 550 Spyder in a service station (I can't help it: I like those Spyders, probably as a direct result of Ken Miles' having done well with the early ones.).

Front row: cheap Chrysler 300 Buck Baker racer, an impulse buy that I haven't seen the possibility of repeating; Adams Probe 16 reputed to have been Alex and the Ultra-Violent Droogs' transport in A Clockwork Orange; John Day model of a Talbot-Lago racer that must have an interesting history. What few bits of info I have found seem to indicate it was convertible from sports car to formula car. I won an unbuilt kit of this model, and it is missing the fifth wheel.

I will extract larger views as I have the opportunity; you can expect to see individual photographs as time and skills allow. My ambition is to make pictures like those 43guy Vern B. uses in many of his eBay auctions, with backgrounds and accessories appropriate to the subjects.

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