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Photo: Geneva Ethel Morehouse S. at about age 12. 18K file.

Here's my Mom, at age—what? Twelve? I'm so sorry I didn't pin this kind of thing down. The logo at bottom shows the photographer was in Long Beach, California. I know Mom lived in a house in Huntington Beach with her grandmother for several years, but I don't know which years. There is a picture of me on the porch of that house, along with what appears to be a Chihuahua dog.

Mom was orphaned at a young age, and taken in by Parley Butters and his wife, Lena. They lived in a small town near Salt Lake City, Utah. We visited them in 1947, when Mom and I spent most of the summer with my Dad's parents in Layton.

You can see Mom, Don, and I in a photo from the late WWII era, in front of the Buick we used for the years 1941—1949, by clicking here (23K file).

Mom was less than kind to herself in her last few years. She died in 1979.

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