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Paul Newman at Riverside Raceway

Of the three figures in front of the Maserati, the middle one is P.L. "Paul" Newman. The big box above their heads is a sticker indicating the film processor considered this photo a failure, no charge. The blurred figure in the foreground is my daughter Geneva, who can forever state with conviction and honesty, she was in a picture with Paul Newman.

Newman and Dan Gurney at Las Vegas
Photo: Dan Gurney and Paul Newman

Here's a closer view of Newman and another American hero, Dan Gurney. How often do you get to see two of your favorites this close and in an informal setting? I don't know. It wasn't me. Geneva took this picture at a race in the Caesar's Palace parking lot. She worked pre-grid and was an apprentice starter.


Here, in a pre-Turner edition, is the same pair.

The distiguished gentleman in the background is Jim Trueman, by all accounts a genuine loss to the sport and the world when taken by cancer well before his allotted three-score and ten.

In the left photo the men appear to be enjoying themselves. In the right one, it seems to me they are timing the participants' endurance in a blade-sitting contest. A different crop of the second picture shows Trueman is counting something on his fingers, for the benefit of Danny Sullivan and his girlfriend: CLICK. Come to think of it, maybe that 'click' crop belongs on the Fingers Pages.

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