Old amateur photos
from a Milwaukee area
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Car number 14: Billy DeVore in the Bill Holabird/W. Wilbur Shaw Shaw/Offy. Qualified 32nd at 122.197 mph. Finished 18th, 181 laps, won $600. Mike O' notes this is the "Pay Car" Wilbur Shaw drove to win in 1937

 Car number 42: Joie Chitwood (Rookie) in the Kennedy Tank/Paul Weirick Adams/Offy. Qualified 26th at 121.757 mph. Finished 15th, 190 laps, won $615.

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"That is Rex Mays, the pole-sitter in the Bowes car." Qualified number 33 Bowes Seal Fast Stevens/Winfield fastest at 127.850 mph. Finished 2nd, 200 laps, won $15,950.

Car number 49: Rene LeBegue (Rookie) Qualified one of the Lucy O'Reilly Schell Maserati/ Maseratis 31st at 118.981 mph. Finished 10th, 192 laps, won $1,488. Rene Dreyfus made the other second alternate.

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Another shot of the pole-winning number 33 Bowes Seal Fast car.
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