Old amateur photos -6-
Second (and last) page of scans from
Mid-50s Nurburgring slides
by Bill Bean

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Presented in the order of machine-applied numbers on slide mounts

Thumnail: #20 Porsche Spyder at Nurbrugring         Thumbnail: #10 Aston Martin at Nurburgring     
A Porsche Spyder. Picture and car clickems. Aston-Martin #10, Salvadori, I hope. The picture click shows a real sense of motion in this turn. Car clickem available; unfortunately it shows what looks to me like a typical Moss-type head posture.
Richard von Frankenberg, Hans Hermann / D; Porsche 550 RS 0112; 6th overall, 44 laps; 22 minutes 16.7 seconds back; 2nd S1.5. Qualified 7th. Peter Walker, Roy Salvadori / GB; Aston Martin DB3S DB3S/8; DNF "De Dion tube," 41 laps.

Thumbnail: #4 Ferrari         Thumbnail: #1 Ferrari, Fangio, I think     
Ferrari #4. I want to say it's Fon Portago. Sounds good, anyway. Once again, research must follow. Picture and car clickems. Ferrari #1. I'm guessing Fangio, based on the number and the helmet. Clickem for the helmet is in the upper left corner. Picture and car clickems, too.
 Phil Hill / USA, Alfonso de Portago / E - DNP, Olivier Gendebien / B - DNP, Ken Wharton / GB - DNS; Ferrari 290MM 0626M; 3rd overall, 44 laps; 10 minutes 1.4 seconds back; 3rd S+2.0. Qualified 3rd.

(This car is remarkable for its Argentine colors on the nose, even though entered by Scuderia Ferrari for an American and a Brit. A month earlier Fangio had driven it to 4th in the Mille Miglia.) (Gil Bouffard wrote to say the nose-colors are Spanish.)

Portago and Gendebien qualified 8th, started Ferrari 860 Monza (?) 0628M, DNF at 9 laps, "assistanc."
 Juan Manuel Fangio / RA, Eugenio Castellotti / I; Ferrari 860 Monza 0602M; 2nd overall, 44 laps; 26.2 seconds back; 2nd S+2.0.

Fangio was fast qualifier at 10:03.6.

Second fast qualifier Luigi Musso / I, started Ferrari 290MM 0616, DNF at 4 laps, "Accident."

Click  H E R E  to see a recently-acquired mini-diorama featuring this car.

Thumbnail: Once again, the #10 Aston Martin         Thumbnail: #8 red car, Maserati 450S I think    
Here's another shot of the Moss—er, Salvadori—Aston-Martin. This one also gives a good sense of speed, and of the Moss head-tilt. Picture and car clickems. One of the big 450 Maseratis, I think. Behra, I'm saying, until some research or authoritative voice tells me otherwise. Of course the head looks a little Moss-ish, innit? And it might be Behra in the Porsche. Two clickems.
Peter Walker, Roy Salvadori / GB; Aston Martin DB3S DB3S/8, DNF De Dion tube, 41 laps. 

Piero Taruffi / I, Harry Schell / USA, Jean Behra / F - DNP, Stirling Moss / GB - DNP; Maserati 300S 3059; 1st overall, 44 laps (~627 miles) in 7:43:54.5 (~90MPH average); 1st S+2.0; qualified 6th.

Moss and Behra qualified 4th, started in Maserati 300S #5 3055, DNF at 19 laps. "rear spring."

Gil Bouffard: "Also, Stirling Moss was the Maserati team leader during 1956."

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