Old amateur photos -4-
from a Burbank CA eBay seller

What are the chances of my bidding on and winning two (and only two) lots of old, unidentified racing photos and ending up with fifteen from the same 62-year-ago Indy 500 race? No matter where you go, there you are. These were a bit more expensive than the previous dozen or so: $7.49, delivered.

Thumbnails: Second-place car 33, Rex Mays, rolls past after the end of the raceClick to see a larger view of the #33 carCLICK to see a near-legible view of the scoreboardClick to see the man cheering Mays in the #33 car

Click: the photo for Cropped BIG size (800x???)

I believe the car is #33, second place finisher Rex Mays in the Stevens/Winfield Bowes Seal Fast Special. He completed 200 laps, led 59, earned $15,950. Click the little car to see a larger version. It's still moving, so I reckon this is very shortly after the end of the race.

The gray rectangle below and left of the flags at the right edge of the picture is a scoreboard. Click it to see an almost-legible version displaying the car numbers and the placings of the first five finishers:  
1, 33, 7, 3, 8.  Shaw, Mays, Rose, Horn, Thorne.

Above the lowermost, rightmost white shirt at the bottom border in the above photo is a fellow who must have had a "Show" bet on Mays. Click the white shirt on the bottom border to see the happy man.

Thumbnail: pit activity featuring cars #31 and 32CLICK to see the cars #31 and 32 (?) in the pits

A view slightly to the right of the one above. I don't know its placement in time relative to the first photo. Not as interesting as I'd hoped, what with the numerous cars and plenty of people. When you get right down to it, blur is the principal feature. Even though the scoreboard is close to the center of the photo, it's just plain out of focus or blurred from camera movement.

Just one Clickem: the two nearest cars are number 31 Wetteroth/ Miller, Mel Hansen in the Harry Hartz Special. He finished 8th, 194 laps, $1,813. The next car is in the #32 pit stall, belonging to the Stevens/Sampson of Bob Swanson in the Sampson Motors Special. 16 cylinders. Just like on page one of this section. 196 laps, $2,463.

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