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Photo: annotated satellite view of the Pomona race track
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The underlying photo was made in the middle or late 1990s, and I can't vouch for accuracy of the alignment of the track in 1960. I am certain, for instance, that the little chicane near "B" between Turn One and the bridge was not a feature when I was there. I think the second sweeper, so geometrically symmetrical in the photo, may have swept all the way to a point as far north as the end of the long straight, rendering the turn longer and less severe. The turn leading to that sweeper may have been more of a sweeper itself. I expect to update as information accrues. (The purple line is what I remember of a program map I saw somewhere recently. I don't know its accuracy or era, but it is probably better than the orange one) Click HERE to see a 1960 Pomona event program with a crude course map.

Near the lower right corner you can see what seems to be the horse racetrack. I don't know if it is the same one I went to to see the "big cars" in the late 40s or early 50s. More at "Race Tracks".


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Blue outline is (very) approximately the location of pits and paddock.

F denotes the flag station at Turn One.

B is north of the bridge, a hallmark of Pomona racing photography.

T is the area from which many of Tam's Pomona photos were taken.

P is where I had parked my MG, as shown on Pomona 1 page

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