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Thumbnail: THS grads gathered at the Senior Fountain

These are a few of the Seniors of the class of Summer, 1954, gathered at the Senior Patio fountain some time near the end of the high school experience. I can name a few without looking at the yearbook ("annual," we called it). The big picture may help you name the others. I see, starting 4th from the left: Gene Moreno, head bowed and serious; next, Richard Harry Gatley, mouth open and in joy; Gary Nelson, maybe, in a likely spot, but I'm not certain (try Louis Holtorff); Carl Irwin, standing down and serene; to his left rear, an unidentified mortarboarder; Michelle "Mike" Silver (eventually Gebauer) even more serene; another un-ID person within the crook of Dick Landgraff's arm; Henry Valdez, I believe, ultra serious.

Thumbnail: THS grads at the Sunken Garden

No trouble naming this group: we were hangers-out together, one time or another, in one combination or another, to one degree or another, for as much as six years, and for some, a couple-three years beyond that. We are, top left to right: Henry "Hank" DeFields; Richard Harry Gatley; Gene Moreno; Michael Avery Houston; Your OBedient Servant. Front row, l-r: Gary Nelson; Alan Brown; Richard "Frank" Smith.

Thumbnail: THS Scholarship Society Life Members at the Senior Fountain

Life Members, THS Scholarship Society,

Gathered at the Senior Fountain in the Senior Patio. Once again I can name most of them without cheating. Top row, L to R: Lorraine Miller; Sally Sprout; Margie Hiebert; Michelle Silver; Lynn Lorenz; Beverly Kruger. Standing on the ground: Ann Lowen; Judy Yeltema; Pat Wilson; Jan Hurley; Claire Demonet; Priscilla Bennett; Shirley Rosencrantz; Claire Bentwood; Barbara O'Hanlon. Front row: William Allen Whittington; Greg Jenkins; Richard Harry Gatley; Your OBedient Servant.

This is not the same photo as one appearing in the "annual," where B.V. Brady signed mine with a reminder he was "camera shy" and belonged in this group. Laura Rose Gatley (Nancy LaDuke) said she should have been there, as well.

( Have a look at the left hand of that guy in the far right of the front row: The Infamous Ring That Came Back ! )

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