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Photo: Robert Edgar Moon with comic book - click to see larger picture                                Photo: Robert Sidney Hopkins with snake - click to see larger picture

That's Bob Moon on the left, Bob Hopkins on the right, and I think this was Seventh Grade stuff. Click either picture to see a larger version. Click this text to see a 1994 version.

There behind Moon is the lunch area; out of the picture at right was the snack bar; in the far background are the stairs to Radio Shop; out of sight and opposite those stairs was the Wood and Metal Shop; to Moon's right is the small gray building of less than one room, from which tickets were sold and the school paper was passed out. I'm sure it had a name. The Shack?

Behind Hopkins is the door to Miss Robbins' Seventh Grade classroom. Opposite that is the back of the Radio Shop or another classroom next to it. In front of Hopkins would be the back of the snack bar. Beyond the door of Miss Robbins' classroom, at the end of that building, was the location from which we athletes punted a football over the Radio Shop into the waiting arms of—I've forgotten who would be over there catching the ball and running it back to us.

That kicking place was also the scene of a travesty which I didn't have the courage to interrupt: Roger, a sociopath and prognathous Uriah Heep lookalike, grabbed Patsy L. by the arms, and tried touching her elbows together behind her. She was sweet and well developed. Roger was older, mean, and fresh out of Nellis School For Boys. Everyone was intimidated. I still feel guilty for not confronting him. A teacher came along and hauled him off to the office. I don't remember seeing him again.

Scan: Hopkins/Rostand books with portrait showing

I think I'm missing a few (at least two: "A Killing In Rome" and "Viper's Game"), but you can see some of what Bob Hopkins has been up to over the years. At the fortieth reunion (consensus was that he and I were the least likely to actually appear) he said he had decided against a career in acting, and from the early 70s has made his living as a writer. (Me, too, kinda.)

Photo: Debbie and Russell DeFields on the prowl in Sturgis.

Russell DeFields, Hank's younger brother (S'59), went to the THS Alumni web site and found his way to these pages and my e-mail address. He sent this picture and wrote, "Debbie and I have been married for 12 years, and have 8 kids and 7 grandkids between us." Hard to believe. They live in Washington state. He said, "Hank lives in Florence South Carolina, has for over 30 years now, sister Linda lives in Santa Clara Calif."

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