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    Thumbnail:  Picture through the Science Building

Looking West-ish through the Science Building. The leaping figure in the far doorway is actually sitting on a railing that is washed out by back lighting. I don't remember what year I took this picture. Click the picture or this text to see a larger version.

Six years I went to school on this campus, Seventh through Twelfth grades. That helps explain why both the High School and Junior High School links from the School page land you here.

Four of the six years were as member of the youngest class in the school: grades Seven, Eight, and Nine were closed and moved to other campuses as my class finished them. When we were in the Tenth grade there was no Ninth; Ninth, no Eighth; Eighth, no Seventh.

At High School graduation (1954) there was a student body of maybe 700, a graduating class of about a third that number. Some of us had been there for all six years. We pretty much knew who we were.

The photos on these pages could be from any of those six years. You and I will have to try fitting our sense of how old the subjects are in order to date them.

Thumbnail:  Video frame of the main entrance, THS

That's a pretty disgusting image. Made with a Hi-8 video camera as I rolled past the front of the school on the date indicated (August 13, 1994), on the way to Redondo Beach, where the class of '54 was having its 40th reunion.    Click the picture or this text to see a larger version.

I transferred the VHS video to DVD and ripped it to MP4 for viewing on You Tube. To see five minutes of the entire 90-minute video, click HERE.

To view the entire, 90-minute (833+ Mb), 40th Reunion video, click HERE.

To see scene-captures and some commentary from that party, click here

What I learned at that function was that people (at least the people I met, knew, met again, and remembered) don't change all that much. Within just a few minutes pretty much the same people were in pretty much the same groups, preoccupied with pretty much the same kinds of things, and hashing them out pretty much the same ways I remember from way back there.

The Truth? I was pleased. Just about everything in the world has changed, little of it for the better, and here were all these neat folks being neat again, or still, just as I had hoped. Yay. I loved it. Heart all full, eyes running over, I loved it, and voted for a 50th reunion. I can't wait.

Much later: There was one; I was there; I have pictures, but I've forgotten where. Some day.

Meantime, I do have some scans from the yearbook. The album in the link
will eventually contain many more scans. Check back or make requests:

Coach Vern Wolfe was present. He won't make the next one:
Coach Wolfe's death announcement.

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