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Torrey Pines,

Photo: Offenhauser Special and Jaguar Special

On the back of this one: "Offy Spl. #10" and "Jag Spl. #145." This one seems to be looking a little more northward than the previous two.

Photo: Kas uses Hank's '53 Ford for a platform

I left the border on this picture so you could see when it was made. Authentic "FEB 56" provenance indicated by the date and the fancy edges.

Henry "Hank" DeFields supervises installation of a movie camera outside Turn One. The technician is Kasem Burukam-Kovit, son of the Thai State Electrican, sometime USC Cinema student, and full-time Ferrari hunter (all things attractive, but especially young women, were "Ferraris" to him).

On this morning he picked me up in his new XK140MC, bright red. We cruised on to Highway 101, a two- three- and four-lane road in those days, very near sunrise. Just out of Laguna Beach he asked if there was empty road ahead, which I took to mean no stop signs. "Sure," said I, gauging it on the basis of my experience in a '49 Ford flathead six.

After what seemed like thirty or forty seconds we were slowing down for Oceanside. I had seen 140+ on the dial, although that may have been off a tick or two because of the angle of my eyelids, which were attempting to hide behind my eyeballs.

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