Midget Auto Road  Racing
At Riverside International Raceway 1958
BIG     Scan:  incide back page of road race program  CLICK to see x600 version    BIG

Here's a previously unsuspected (by me) revelation. The inside back cover of a program for January 19, 1958 USAC Midget Road Races! It looks as if they used the whole and entire Grand Prix circuit. I have no results, pictures*, or lap times.

In case you'd like to see Photos and program pages Un-Linked by FotoTime's demise, the pool is here until I get time to relink (as I have done for the Course Diagram and "BIGs" above).

More details with program cover and entry list at
Old Paper 6.

Two other notable items:

  1. Look at the Turn Numbers. I wonder if USAC was using something current with RIR, or if they just called it the way they saw it: Turn Four is 3, Six is 5, Seven is 6, Eight is 7, and Nine is 8.

  2. See the "Club Circuit" annex that takes off from Turn 7 (Eight in my lexicon). I remember some roads leaving in that area, but never followed one and don't recall any reentry attachment to the pavement there. I don't know if it was ever actually built or used. If I read the legend correctly, addition of the Club loop would make a total lap 5 miles long.
*OK, this ought to set you up: look at the next picture. No question where that was taken, is there? Highway 60 beyond the parking area to your left. Big ol' San Bernardino County mountain off there in the background. Winter snow on it. Turn Six second apex tire down in the right corner, and . . .   what kind of machine is that in the center of the screen? Hm? CLICK here or the picture to see it full size. Either of the Bs will lead to a close-up of the car.
B   Thumbnail: I make it the #62 car, not listed in the program, but certainly on the track, backwards up the NASCAR road to Turn Six    B
*To my delight, Bil Bean sent some photographs of this event. I'll present them in the order of the machine-made marks on the slide mounts.
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