2 - Photos Of Midget Auto Road  Racing
At Riverside International Raceway, 1958


I'd guess previous photos were of practice, if my conjecture that this is the parade lap is correct. Each of the three groups has a clickem. Click the lower half for the whole shot.
The numbers I see on these cars are from the left: #35, Dempsey Wilson, in the Walker Auto Body Special; can't read it; #76, Johnnie Tolan in the Inglewood Tires Special; #26, Don Horvath in the Riverside Builders, Inc. Special. Also notable: Turn Six Bleachers and the NASCAR road.


I'm seeing a number on only the second car, and make it #35, Dempsey Wilson, in the Walker Auto Body Special, although it might be #55, Bob Cortner in "Little Jewel". Ahead of him the already mentioned #76, Johnnie Tolan in the Inglewood Tires Special. One clickem around the cars on this picture, bottom half for the full-size full array.


Here again is the #62 car, not listed in my program. If you can zoom in on the background (and you can, if you use the free Opera browser), in this picture you'll find a Nash Metropolitan in rust-colored primer (or Dusty Rose, if you prefer), a cream-color MGA, and a Morris Minor tourer (convertible). Not to mention the lovely Nash Rambler wagon.


This looks like the #54 car, Bill Homeier in the Hollywood Spring and Axle Special. I think the hill in the back is in a line with the shorter, closer one in the photo of Riverside's sundown.

There is practically no hope of identifying this car by number.
Perhaps a visitor is acquainted with the vehicle itself and can shed some light on it.

One more bit of Midgets at Riverside material: a ticket from the big Memorial Day weekend, 1958.

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