Thumbnail: Healey 3000 and Morris 1000

F Sheff atSpeed (4)
Personal transport in the motion culture
Cars 1953 - 1960

1957 - 1960
Thumbnail:  TD in a Palos Verdes bend

Thumbnail:  '53 Ford convertible   CLICK to see a larger version

1954 - 1957

  • 1949 Ford Tudor, flat-head six, three-on-the-tree, black with baby blue trim, Belond Equa-Flow™ split manifold duals, one Smithy™ and one Belond muffler

Through 1953
Thumbnail: '49 Buick, Sherry, Sandy, YOBS
Thumbnail: YOBS, Don, Mom
  • Do official drive-learning in 1949 Buick Super Dynaflo straight-eight, original butt of the "Bourgeois Blue" crack

  • Apply lessons learned in steering various agricultural and industrial vehicles and a 1939 Buick eventually painted yellow from its original kind of dark pink-beige color
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