Thumbnail: AH3000 and Morris Minor 1000

F Sheff atSpeed (3)
Personal transport in the motion culture
Cars 1960 - 1963

Thumbnail: Geneva and Healey

  • Realize an Austin Healey 100 is not the car for a family man, purchase four-seat 1960 Austin Healey 3000 Standard 4-seater, a car with (count'em) four seats.
1962 - 1963
Thumbnail: Healey 100
  • Trade Ford convertible on a 1955 Austin Healey 100-4,
    doing the dealer's paperwork while listening to JFK front off Khruschev on the radio
1960 - 1962
Thumbnail: MG TD in the snow

Thumbnail: Sherry and Sandy and the '55 Olds
  • 1953 MG TD, blueprinted in a primitive sort of a way
  • Balance by Edelbrock, ported, polished, and matched per the Tuning Manual, relatively straight-through exhaust
  • Found a Judson supercharger that made bundles of difference
  • When the car was totaled, I was graced with a choice between a 1955 Oldsmobile and the '53 Ford convertible
  • I took the Ford to "Paradise."

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