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Personal transport in the motion culture
Cars 1974 through the Present

1991 - 2020

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1986 - 1990Thumbnail: Toyota P/U with USA flag reflection

Thumbnail: '62 Falcon Ranchero on the Freeway
1977 - 1985

Thumbnail: TR-7 with USA flag in background

Thumbnail: 74 Vega on the hook

Thumbnail: Mom's '68 Satellite, Geneva at the wheel
1974 - 1976

Thumbnail: '74 Chevy van, coupe back.

Photo: Margarita's '73 Vega GT Wagon
  • Trade 1971 Vega wagon on 1974 Chevy 11-passenger G20 Beauville van; with the two back seats out, it accommodated a full-size mattress and all the tools or vacation supplies you could ask for; with the seats in, it carries almost all of the recipients eligible for trips to the snow and to Disneyland
  • Trade sister the Vega coupe for the fragile, failing Lotus
  • Sell Valiant, buy Margarita a 1973 Vega GT Wagon
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