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Thumnail:  Sandy on pre-grid at Ontario  Motor Speedway
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Sandy at Play: These were among the most fun days I remember. Sandy and I alternated practice sessions on the race course, happily burning up gasoline, brakes, and tires. Solo I was the absolute best-ever track time per dollar ratio.

You figure we ran every other half hour at least four sessions, often as many as six each Saturday and two or more on Sunday before the timed runs. It seems to me our Ontario lap times were something a little under three minutes, ten or so laps per session. Forty to sixty laps on Saturday, twenty or more on Sunday, plus two or three timed laps.

Entry fees were $25 or $30. You do the math.

Thumbnail: Sandy in the Vega at Ontario
Sandy speeding past the main grandstand, small car, massive installation.

Thumnail:  cover of a military Driver magazine, with approach to RIR turn 6             Thumbnail:  photos of RIR Solo I driver School with Vega  Kammback featured
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You, too, could do it to it: here's part of a feature story on Solo I racing. It is in a military driver's magazine. In case you can't read the copy in the larger view of the pages on the right, some of it says, "Would you believe it? A Vega Kammback rolls out onto the track."

Sandy is driver, unless she is passenger. In that case, the driver is Dick Guldstrand, fabled Corvette and Camaro racer and engineer. This is the occasion when he pronounced the Vega underpowered but otherwise pretty good. Last year, August or September, I was at an Old Racers gathering and Guldstrand was there. I asked him if he remembered driving a Vega Wagon at RIR. "Solo One school, wasn't it?" Yes, he remembered.

Up there above the Vega's roof is the raceway office, all gone on the latest satellite photos I've seen and in my own pictures from early February, 2002. (That installation at the Admin's location on the photo is a (shudder) golf driving range)

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