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Austin-Healey 3000 Mk. I  Standard

Thumbnail:  the 3000 in Mexico

In Mexico, 1964 or 1965

Shortly after a rain, the 4-seat Standard Healey waits expectantly. In the right middle distance are its yard-mates, carnitas-to-be pigs dressed in their black suits with white shoulder wraps. A little farther away, the overhead tank was connected to a proprietary water well, and provided consistent pressure, something the municipal facilities of this "La Mesa de Tijuana" neighborhood could not achieve. Still more distant, across the Highway-to-Tecate, is the Capilla (Chapel) at Kilometro 11.5, where Geneva and Christina were baptized. Can you see this Polaroid was made through a screen door?

Somewhere I have another photo, that one taken from the back porch of this transplanted WWII duplex. It shows the original dual exhaust system standing up against the eaves of the house, a TV antenna stuck in one pipe. I had installed an Abarth system ($59.50). It looked and sounded great, even after being used as kind of a mud-ski in fishtailing the Healey to the highway through ankle-deep mud.

The Minor 1000 Traveller was in the shop for a valve job or some such and I had to go to work. It was really a pretty tense half-minute or so, seldom pointed in the direction of travel before making it to pavement. Fortunately there was no traffic. If I'd had to stop to let someone by, I might have had to enlist a few neighbors to lift the car out of the mire (as happened in the MG B/GT a few years later, hundreds of miles to the East, in the depths of a night, and in the sand).

The Wiking 1:87 Healey

The Austin-Healey 3000 model is from Wiking, scale 1:87 in a dark blue metallic that is very close to the re-paint color on the four-seater I owned. I have several 1:43 Austin-Healey models you may eventually see here, but only this one is close in color. There is a winged emblem behind the models. It's from the front of an Austin-Healey 3000. Another eBay acquistion. I think I have a "3000" lightning-flash emblem around here, too.

In Linda Vista (San Diego), 1966 - 1967

We "came over" in March, 1966, moving into a WWII relative of the La Mesa de Tijuana houses depicted above. Ninety bucks a month for the two-bedroom semi-separate apartment at one end of a quad-plex, like the one above Wm. Anderson's split-window 'Vette. Not a bad spot, but within a few months we found a better location, detached single-family house a few blocks from where we are now, north of Mesa College. A hundred and thirty-five a month, 3 BR 2 BA CYN VW.
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