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Exit, Turn 7-a, Riverside International Raceway, 1968. Photo by Bill Bean, a friend and fellow employee, since retired to an idyllic mountain retreat. He very kindly gave me the proofs and negatives after this training session. 
A 1967 MG B roadster, well set-up handling-wise, bone stock engine with hi-rev valve springs, and headers. Reliable, fast enough to learn some car control. Note the flattened tail light and the crumpled panel behind the front wheel, a consequence of spinning in historic Old Turn Nine, and a meeting with the boiler-plate wall. Bourgeois Blue it was. The MG. The wall was white, with blue markings.

Bill Swan and I drove this same car to seventh overall and a class second in the 3-hour Willow Springs Enduro race, July, 1969. We used the upper radiator hose from Sid Cole's MG-A as a filler spout on the refueling "rig" that safety Steward (orchestra leader and land speed record 300SL owner) Don Ricardo was hesitant to approve. Fun.

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