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UC Riverside "Scots On The Rocks" Spring Bacchanal, May, 1962. Picture by a fellow student who was fascinated by the apparition. I have lost track of who and where he is. March, 2009: Jim Armstrong dropped by and said the picture is likely by "John Fawcett (who) was the yearbook ("Tartan") editor for 1962 and maybe other years, also working on the Highlander ... " Click the picture or this text to see a larger version where you can point at each face to see its name (IE only . . . )

From here I drove to the library and made one tire-squealing lap. Six hours later a drunk driver ran into this car (irony) head-on as it was parked by the side of the road. With about five of us in it. No life-threatening injuries, but the car was a basket case.

See the Judson vane-type supercharger peeking out the side of the engine compartment? Car would turn 7 grand on flat ground, square profile and all.

In this picture are: a marine biologist who spent his career working in Costeau's Monaco laboratory; a psychologist who hypnotized frogs by scratching their bellies; an agriculturalist whose preoccupation was with the salinity of soils; a fellow who loaned us a boat that we took to Catalina for a day, but it turned out we took the wrong boat; your obedient servant, whose crowning college achievement was learning the words to a song whose chorus starts, "Port tonight, I'll mair-eye be..."

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