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This shows the car's configuration within just a few minutes before taking delivery. It couldn't have been more than about three years less a few months ago (2008-09-01), but I have found time and occasion to:
  • Add the Steeda adjustable front sway bar and bracket braces.
    "...into the Shelby Terlinguafest..."

  • Move the H&R 26mm rear sway bar from the V6 Canvertible, for much nicer turn-in.

  • Add the Shelby two-bar, four-nuts-per-side strut tower brace.

  • Insinuate the very nice GT/CS coupe into the Shelby Terlinguafest at the eponymous West Texas community, 2008-09-25/29.

  • Try that set of Saleen Parnelli Jones Edition Minilite-like wheels (from eBaY: 19x9 for the front, 19x10 for the rear) (remember when we would kill for rims seven inches wide?). Put on a set of Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 275-35 tires that look, stick, and travel good (their $1,600 price tag brought this little improvement up to about $2,600 total. Worth every penny). They look good on the High Performance White GT/CS, but ...

  • Today's wheel/tire setup is: GT500 SVT wheels (18x9.5) with Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 285-40 tires on all corners; the GT500 uses 255-45 tires in front.

  • (Buy and install a K&N "Typhoon" CARB exempt cooler air intake. Special tuning for "off-road" use is available through BamaChips Torque, Performance, and Race tunes via SCT X3 re-assigned from the V6.)

  • That intake has since been replaced by the FRPP M-9603-GTB "Bullitt" cooler air intake like the one on the 2008 convertible.

  • Have installed the Ford Racing Performance Parts M-5230-GTA axle-back mufflers, just like on the Shelby GT, previously on the V6 convertible. They sound good, and add a little to the shift-by-ear equation that was upset by "quiet" stock rolled-tip mufflers. That made it just right. Not as just-right as it could have been: swapped the "H-pipe" section for a new FRPP "X-pipe"; now it's just-righter as it can be ... maybe.
  • Have installed FRPP (Ford Racing Performance Products) differential gears: 3.73:1. Strong change with relatively little increase in cruising RPM (2100 stock, 2400 modified).
  • Have installed GT500 brakes and stainless brake lines. Quite a noticeable difference from stock.

  • In its best configuration, this coupe did a 9.299-second eighth-mile pass at QualComm's strip, MPH 78.94 on the stock original wheels and tires (2009-07-10).
  • Complete list of modifications at Coupe Mods 2M
    "...To Be Continued..."

    "...More anon..."
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