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"California Special"

Took delivery of the car on the actual 45th anniversary of Mustang's original introduction. No one at the stealership knew the significance of the date. The car was "built" on 2008-04-19, very close to the 40th anniversary of the introduction of the original GT/CS models.

It couldn't have been more than thirteen months ago (2009-04-17), but I found time and occasion to:

  • Add the Ford Racing Performance Parts "Bullitt" Cooler Air Intake, including the FRPP special tune. Greater output for "off-road" use is
    "...Shelby ..."
    available through BamaChips Torque, Performance, and Race tunes, via SCT X3

  • Swap in a pair of the FRPP M-5230-A Shelby GT-style mufflers

  • Add the Shelby billet aluminum, four-nuts-per-side strut tower brace

  • Swap a "KR" (Shelby King of the Road) rear spoiler/wing for the GT-style pedestal-mount item

  • Car currently wears the Saleen Parnelli Jones Editon "Minilite-inspired" 19x9/10 wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 275-35 tires

  • Drive it to Terlingua for the "non-event" of October 2009, wherein it reached a respectable top speed just off the meter's capacity

  • Complete list of changes and additions is on Page 3M

  • In its best configuration, this convertible did a 9.165-second eighth-mile pass at QualComm's strip, MPH 81.23 on the "Fanblades" and RE-01R Bridgestones (2010-07-30). Yes, it's quicker than the coupe. So far.

After all that, I sold it to CarMax on 2012-10-22, 9,719.1 miles on the odometer.
  Modern Ford Pages   1  2  2M   3  3M
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