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Seventh RIR Pictures Page

Sports Illustrated gets all arty about RIR

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Thumbnail:  Scan of Sports Illustrated November 18, 1957 cover   CLICK to see a larger version

This is an issue of Sports Illustrated with a cover date of November 18, 1957. Inside there is a five-page spread on the inaugural big-league race at Riverside International Raceway. The photographs are by John Bryson, text by Kenneth Rudeen.

The customary CLICK on the smaller images will take you to a larger one. Click BIG if you are prepared to wait while a really large legible one comes down the pipe.

BIG (89K)     Thumnail:  Opeining page (text) of Riverside Raceway article   CLICK to see a larger versionThumbnail:  overview of RIR looking north past Turn Nine to the hills   CLICK for a larger version    BIG (90K)

Opening spread.
The text says something about the San Jacinto Range in this picture. I don't think so. Those mountains are several miles to the east. In this photo you see Box Springs Mountain (915 meters) on the left, an unnamed hill a little farther away, both part of the Box Springs Mountains. You want to see Mount San Jacinto, look at the Turn Six picture on the RIR Pics 3 page.

BIG (65K)    Thumbnail:  Uptrack view from trackside near Turn Nine entry    CLICK to see a larger versionThumbnail:  Uptrack view from trackside near Turn Nine entry    CLICK to see a larger version    BIG (57K)

Photo Spread

The caption identifies these as Pete Woods, D-type Jaguar and Chuck Daigh, Troutman-Barnes Special.

Thumbnail:  Winner Richie Ginthre and his wife    CLICK to see a larger version                      Thumbnail:  Phil Hill in an advert from the magazine   CLICK to see a larger version

"WINNER of Riverside's inaugural feature, the 85-mile Gold Cup, Ferrari salesman Richie Ginther embraces wife after taking the checkered flag. His 4.9-liter Ferrari led field by 58 seconds."

Phil Hill didn't make the race pictures, but probably got as much for this ad as for racing that day.

For your enjoyment and edification, additional pages from the magazine; they may help you remember (or show you) what a little of the world was like in those days:

BIG (76K)     Thumbnail:  MG advertisement from this issue of Sports Illustrated            Thumbnail:  last editorial page of this issue            
The pair in the air are Edward C. Roth and Jack Brossart. Roth made this viewing platform for $30 and ten hours of labor. He intended marketing it. The chairs swiveled 120° and the whole thing collapsed into a bundle small enough to stow in the trunk of Roth's Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Thumbnail:  Vitalis ad featuring a youthful Frank Gifford

Yes, it is Mr Kathy Lee, just a few years out of USC. No greasy kid stuff.

There is a wonderful resource for early 60s California sports car racing and RIR photos at Tam's Old Race Car Site.

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