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Fourth RIR Pictures Page
Turn Seven

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Thumbnail: VegaKam view from T6 to T7
 The Vegacam (should it be "VegaKam"?) 8mm view to the crest at 7.

This is at the 1960 Times Grand Prix event,
a month prior to the F1 race:
1. Thumbnail: string of production cars approaches Turn 7      2. Thumbnail: Gurney leads Moss into Turn 7      3. Thumbnail: Jo Bonnier at the end of the wigglies

4. Thumbnail: Carroll Shelby in his last professional ride finishing 7         5. Thumbnail: overview of Turn 7, Gurney, Moss, eventual winner Krause

1. Second car is Ronnie Bucknum, Austin-Healey. This view shows the dips and     elevation changes in the 6-7 straight.
2. Moss follows Gurney at the Seven squigglies; three straights in view.
3. Jo Bonnier at the end of the unruly squigglies; someone was late at the switch.
4. Carroll Shelby coming down the mountain from early to late Seven.
5. Overview of Seven as Gurney leads Moss leading Krause and others.

Thumbnail: a view of T7 with the hill prominent
A reverse perspective on the Six-Seven straight and the first third or so of Seven.

Thumbnail: the R&T cover of T7 with Masers and Scarab (and my borther Don)
This is a great picture for me: I was flagging just out of the frame to the right. The fellow behind the fence, light clothing with the "...eca" of Laguna Seca on his body, is my brother, Don. He took some pictures here, and at some place in the esses. I have yet to find them, but I will (I did; there are a few of them on RIR Pics Page 3).

More Don's pictures at Don's Photos and Don's Prints Pages.

Thumbnail: looking uptrack at T7 exit

The last half of Seven, and a view that shows a couple of mild elevation changes in the Seven-Eight straight. The whole straight is at least mildly uphill, but the degree of incline does increase at a place out of the frame to the right (8mm Vegacam view). It levels off just after the cut hill, and goes up a little more as it goes through the bend to Eight (as seen in the photo looking past the second Six apex).

Thumbnail: Program page photo with view from Turn Eight across the bend and to the "cement plant"

There is a good view uptrack from Eight through the Bend To Eight in this page from an event program. In that picture the cut hill on the Seven-Eight straight is out of the frame at left. You can see the snack bar behind Turn Seven and to your right of it the phallic "cement plant" that is still there, between former locations of the Admin/Turn One track gate and the main spectator gate west of the Esses.

Other RIR event programs start here: CLICK

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