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Fifth RIR Pictures Page

Turns Eight and Nine

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Thumbnail: Hall and follower approach the acute part of T8

I think I see a flagman on top of the cut hill just above the second car, as well as a Turn Seven grandstand with the old tower towering; beyond them a light streak might be the road at Turn One (you could actually see cars pass over the tunnel from here at Eight); below that a second flagman holds up a yellow (trust me) and the Seven-Eight road runs behind it; above the Chaparral, the S-F complex; to the left of the fist's wrist, the dark swoop from left to right is the shadow of the Champion Bridge on the cut bank.

Just offhand, I'd have to guess this is the cool-off lap (Right on! Applause!).

Thumbnail: Siffert, Porsche, at the bad balance point in T8
Jo Siffert at one of the Garbage Spots on the track: an off-camber, downhill transition that really levels out the differences between cars. Given equal intensity, there isn't that much difference between the fastest and the slowest at this point, where everyone is kind of tippy-toeing around and trying to stay on the track as well as get good position for the full-on accelleration down the mile-long straight.

The graded area behind the car leads to a road east to one of the track gates. It seems this area is now under a shopping complex.

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Thumbnail: head-on view as Moss leads Gurney through the T8 right-to-left-to-straight transition
This is convincing: roadside tires were a major part of the experience.

Thumbnail: downtrack view past T8's last apex
I think I see several slope transitions: starting with the car nearest to us, there is a downhill that levels some ahead of the third car, slopes again ahead of the fourth car, levels a bit at the fifth car. I think we know that just after the join with Turn 7a the slope becomes even more extreme, then levels out and doesn't change much through Nine (which may be a little downhill from entry to exit, according to the Start-Finish photo with an L&M Porsche leading).

Thumbnail: view uptrack from the bridge to T8, showing slopes and 7a join
Seems as if this is the view from the bridge. It shows ever so clearly the swoop that begins just after the Turn 7a join and levels a hundred or so yards thereafter. Click the pic or this text for a larger view.

Thumbnail: Bruce and Denny with Donohue and Hall trailing into T9

Thumbnail: Bruce, Denny, and also-rans turn in to T9, showing NO DOGLEG

Thumbnail: Hall Chaparral in  T9 - Pete Lyons book dust cover

1966 photo shows Nine exit and Hall's wing in a non-downforce position; contrast with the cover pic, which may have been made seconds earlier (where did he leave that air intake?)

June 4, 2002Carl explains: " . . . The color photo is from 1967 (you can tell by the outsized rear wheel fender arches), so the actual elapsed time between the two pictures is one year and a few seconds. :) . . . "

Thank you, Carl.

There is a wonderful resource for early 60s California sports car racing and RIR photos at Tam's Old Race Car Site. You will also find some pictures of Riverside International Raceway as it appears today. Sigh.

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