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Second RIR Pictures Page
Start/Finish through Turn Two

This might be the appropriate place to inser a link to an 8mm movie that shows an RIR "Orientation", two senses: 1 - Drivers' meeting at a Solo I event, and 2 - Film of the entire layout (a little shakey and out-of-sequence, maybe, but definitely all there).

GIF:  RIR logo jacket patch

RIR Pics -1- Diagrams and Overviews
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<<<    RIR Pics 1b Continues Diagrams and Overviews
RIR Pics 3 Page begins after Turn Two   >>>
RIR Pics 3b Page begins at Turn Six
RIR Pics 4 Page begins with Turn Seven
RIR Pics 5 Page begins at Turn Eight
RIR Pics 6 Page Grand Prix Legends simulator frames
RIR Pics 7 Page is from a 1957
                                Sports Illustrated report
RIR Pics 7b Page 1960 Formula One Grand Prix SI report
RIR Pics 8 Page et seq. show 8mm film frames of a
                                Riverside long course lap
RIR Pics 9 Page Autoweek's RIR Requiem article

These pages are for the education, edification and entertainment of diehard Riverside International Raceway fans
(Speaking of nostalgia—look at the warning I felt was necessary when these pages were first published, back in the Dial-up Age: "There could be very, very long loads at 28.8: maybe as much as 12 seconds; your mileage may vary")
Check back frequently: I will add material as I find it

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Thumbnail: Album cover of Brabham at S/F  Click to see large version

Who is that on the cover of a record album? It's newly-crowned World Champion Jack Brabham, according to the grid published in the newest source book I acquired: "The United States Grand Prix And Grand Prize Races 1908-1977" by Doug Nye.

This is the only photo I have found that shows an F-1 car in the west-of-S/F pits. From the angle of the sun, it seems pretty clear we are looking across the pit road and the track toward Turn Nine, in late afternoon, late in the year, late in the Formula.

Thumbnail: Hi-tech passing the end of the modern "tower"

Just past the Start-Finish line, beginning the pronounced uphill to Turn One. The "Tower" where officials ran the operation is relatively modern, and was not there until well after the Formula One Grand Prix. In fact, it sat where the paddock was in the earliest years.

The photos below show the incline to Turn One.

Thumbnail: Start/Finish and T1 hill

Thumbnail: Lola at T1 hump

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Thumbnail: Hansgen Jaguar sedan at T1 apex

Walt Hansgen on his way to one of two victories this day: Enduro and F-jr. Yes, right-hand driving, so it is a left turn. How many of those are there at RIR?

I'm relatively certain this is at Turn One: the background eliminates Turn Seven, and Eight exit, don't you think?

Thumbnail: F1 field exits T1

Just after the start: Brabham leads Gurney and Moss, and the rest of them. They've passed over the tunnel after Turn One (marked by the Armco™ on the left) and are negotiating a slight bend as they ease to the left for the Turn Two turn-in. As usual, a click on the photo or this text yields a larger view. Or a much larger view.

It looks to me as if the flagman on a hill in about the center of the photo is at a location you could identify in the Overview Photo on Old RIR page. Maybe in the larger version. Or in the REALLY BIG one.

This is a similar view, 23 years later and of a slightly different category of racing: the start of an all-Alliance race in support of a professional event in April, 1983. Note the pool of water near mid-field. Very rare at RIR.

View of the esses, Turn Three through Six    View of Turn One exit, Reentry, and Turn Two

Here's a pair I never thought I'd be able to show: Rich Navarro gave me a glimpse and I begged for a chance to scan them. Thank you, Rich.

From Turn Nine, right picture, right edge, through Turn One exit and past reentry, around Turn Two and the esses to Turn Six part one at left edge, left picture, this will make much more intelligible a description of what is where, and how it relates. Only minor deficit is a clear view of Turn Three, which you will find on the next page, RIR Pics 3.

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