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Sports Illustrated visits Formula One Grand Prix Racing
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Thumbnail:  Scan of Sports Illustrated November 28, 1960 cover   CLICK to see a larger version

This is an issue of Sports Illustrated with a cover date of November 28, 1960. Inside there is a three-page spread on the first and only Formula One championship race at Riverside International Raceway. Photographs are by Phil Bath, text by James Murray.

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BIG (70K)     Thumnail:  Opeining page (text) of Riverside Raceway article   CLICK to see a larger versionThumbnail:  View into Turn Eight CLICK for a larger version    BIG (86K)

Opening spread.

The text mentions "Chavez Ravine". For the uninitiated: Chavez Ravine is the location of a Hispanic barrio northeast of downtown Los Angeles. Was the location. It's where Dodger Stadium was built. The Dodgers are a professional baseball team, formerly located in the New York barrio of Brooklyn. Baseball is a semi-athletic game similar to cricket, with more spitting, cursing and crotch-grabbing. See another view of Turn Eight in the Turn Six picture and on the RIR Pics 5 page.

I wonder if "James Murray" was the Los Angeles Times sports columnist, humorist, and master story-teller, Jim Murray. The Times was offended by an arrogant promoter, and pretty much ignored the Formula One event. That spelled near-failure: the crowd figure cited in the article was 20,000, a fifth of the number who showed up for the Times Grand Prix a month or so earlier.

BIG (107K)    Thumbnail:  Uptrack view from trackside near Turn Nine entry    CLICK to see a larger version               

Final Page

Stirling Moss, in a view very similar to the one I had at the time of my famous Moss-At-Riverside story. In my situation, the aspect was a good deal closer to head-on. The car is the one I passed while driving my MG TD.

There is a wonderful resource for early 60s California sports car racing and RIR photos at Tam's Old Race Car Site.

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